Aufbewahrung im Microsoft 365 Universum – M365 UK Usergroup Vortrag

Am 13. Oktober 2021 geht es nach London und tollen Themen rund um Microsoft 365. 

Agenda (UK time):

16:00-16:10 – Welcome & Introductions

16:10-17:00 – Explore Information Barriers in Office 365 – Nanddeep Nachan MVP & Smita Nachan MVP
Information barriers help to define policies that are designed to allow certain segments of users to communicate or to be isolated with each other. In this session, we will explore how to restrict communication and collaboration between groups to avoid a conflict of interest from occurring in your organization.

17:00-17:10 – Break

17:10-18:00 – Microsoft 365 Retention Deep Dive – Raphael Köllner MVP
More and more is becoming digital and instead of paper we store thousands of data annually on servers and in the cloud. Instead of stacks of boxes, we now need tools to meet the storage requirements. This raises the question of what needs to be stored and for how long. To make the chaos perfect, every country in the world has different retention periods. In this session we will discuss the architecture and possibilities of implementing storage requirements in the Microsoft 365 universe. The speaker will address the concrete challenges and risks of using the system.

18:00 – Finish