Azure Virtual Desktop systemgenerierte Daten nun in Europa nun GA

Windows virtual Desktop heißt seit einigen Wochen nun Azure Virtual Desktop. Seit einiger Zeit habe ich bemängelt, dass die systemgenerierten Daten in den USA und dann später in Preview in Europa verarbeitet werden. 

Aktuell ist es nur in der englischen Variante verfügbar:


Service-generated data

To keep Azure Virtual Desktop reliable and scalable, we aggregate traffic patterns and usage to check the health and performance of the infrastructure control plane. For example, to understand how to ramp up regional infrastructure capacity as service usage increases, we process service usage log data. We then review the logs for peak times and decide which data centers to add to meet this capacity. We aggregate this information from all locations where the service infrastructure is, then send it to the US region. The data sent to the US region includes scrubbed data, but not customer data.

We currently support storing the aforementioned data in the following locations:

  • United States (US) (generally available)
  • Europe (EU) (generally available)
  • United Kingdom (UK) (public preview)

More geographies will be added as the service grows. The stored information is encrypted at rest, and geo-redundant mirrors are maintained within the geography. Customer data, such as app settings and user data, resides in the location the customer chooses and isn’t managed by the service.

The outlined data is replicated within the Azure geography for disaster recovery purposes.


source: Data locations for Azure Virtual Desktop – Azure | Microsoft Docs