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Office 365 Security und Compliance Kit – Veröffentlicht

Vor einige Tagen habe ich eine gute Zusammenstellung auf TechNet gefunden. Diese möchte ich euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten. Ladet euch die aktuelle aus Juni stammendes Paket herunter:

20,6 MB voller Themen und Informationen:

  • Auditing and Reporting in Office 365
  • Controlling Access to Office 365 and Protecting Content on Devices
  • Data Resiliency in Office 365
  • Defending the Microsoft Cloud Against Denial-of-Service Attacks
  • Encryption in the Microsoft Cloud
  • File Security in Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive for Business
  • How Microsoft thwarts phishing attempts with Office 365
  • Office 365 – Data Retention, Deletion, and Destruction
  • Office 365 Administrative Access Controls
  • Office 365 helps secure Microsoft from modern phishing campaigns
  • Office 365 Security Incident Management
  • Protecting files in the cloud with Azure Information Protection
  • Security and Compliance with Exchange Online
  • Take Control of Your Data Protection and Compliance Posture with New Microsoft Compliance Solutions
  • Tenant Isolation in Office 365


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