Security und Compliance Session auf der Ignite 2017

Ich habe wie ihr bestimmt auch Zugriff auf den Ignite Session Kataloge. Dieser enthält aktuell die Sessions, die voraussichtlich von Microsoft Mitarbeitern gehalten werden.

Da ich euch einige Sessions im Bereich Security und Compliance empfehlen möchte, habe ich diese für euch extra einmal gesammelt und verlinkt:


BRK3126: Reduce your security and compliance risk with Office 365

Managing the numerous security and compliance policies across your organization can be challenging! We have released a number of new features in the the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center that allow you to tackle these challenges head on. You get a deeper understanding of all our new capabilities and the redesigned user experience that is more intuitive, informative, scalable, and insightful. We also provide details on our future vision and roadmap. Learn how the Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance Center makes it easier for you to take control of security and compliance for your business.

BRk2183: Understand where Office 365 stores your data and how we secure it

With 14 datacenter geos across the world, Office 365 customers can benefit from local or regional data residency as well as enjoy the advantages of a globally-scaled cloud infrastructure. Learn where we store your data, if and how you can control that location per user, and how we secure your data from external and internal security threats. Discover our state-of-the-art access control technology and pervasive service automation philosophy that minimizes the need for human touch. With Office 365 you can now also manage the access control to your data. Our data residency commitments combined with our stringent access control technology can be leveraged to meet your global, regional, and industry specific compliance needs.



BRK2182: Manage Office 365 data security and compliance with Service Trust Preview and Open Window Platform

Want to perform risk assessment and due diligence on Office 365? Need “one-stop shop” access to audit reports, interactive dashboards, deep dive whitepapers around security, privacy, and compliance information around Microsoft cloud? Get an overview of features that we make available to help oganizations understand: how your data is secured and protected; how the Microsoft cloud helps you to be compliant with regulations that matter to your organization; and how Microsoft manages privacy around customer data. Come learn about the all-encompassing Service Trust Preview and the latest in the Open Window platform, to plan and stay ahead to secure organization data and build your compliance strategy.


Governance and compliance with Office 365 Groups

In this session, learn everything you want to know about how to meet key governance needs with Office 365 Groups such as expiry, retention, classification, driving policy for groups as well as records management – eDiscovery and hold. We also cover how groups can be used for legal case matters workspace as well as a knowledge and compliance workspace within your organization.